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Pacific Island Affairs briefing released

by Hon Georgina te Heuheu QSO, Pacific Island Affairs

16 December 2008

With one in ten New Zealanders projected to be Pacific by 2026, it is essential for New Zealand’s future that Pacific people are well-educated, skilled and playing their part economically, culturally and socially.

In releasing the Pacific Island Affairs Briefing to the Incoming Minister, Mrs te Heuheu says; “In contrast to the ageing baby boomers who characterise the population at large, the Pacific population is young and growing. Projected population growth shows they will be a larger and more important component of the future workforce.”

“The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs has undergone significant change in the past 18 months. It has streamlined both its staffing and its focus, zeroing in on the ‘vital few’ issues which will make the biggest difference for Pacific people. Its priorities are lifting Pacific peoples’ incomes, and ensuring strong families and communities.

“Its inaugural briefing to me identifies better educational performance and skills training as the critical first steps in bringing about greater economic participation for Pacific peoples.

“Investing in and committing to education can increase employment, raise wages and improve the level and relevance of skills. It can also build new role models, exposing the next generation of Pacific children to a greater range of career and educational choices.

“If Pacific peoples’ incomes rise to 96 per cent of those of non-Pacific by 2021 then the economy benefits by an extra $4-$5 billion.

“The Ministry has also defined strong Pacific families and communities as a priority. The Ministry is committed to supporting, developing and valuing Pacific peoples’ cultures and heritage, which it does through its Mind Your Language web-based projects, and the role-modelling and mentoring Pacific Starmap website.

“The Ministry is doing some valuable work in lowering remittance costs between New Zealand and Pacific countries, which would benefit the economies of both. It was also seeking to increase the number of Pacific apprentices.

“The Ministry  is, of course, a relatively small agency with a small budget so as well as observing these priorities in its own work it has developed a framework to enable larger Government departments and agencies to focus their policies and programmes for Pacific peoples.

“I am looking forward to working with the Ministry. As Minister I am responsible for ensuring that its work reflects the Government’s priorities for New Zealand.

“Its inaugural briefing suggests a good fit as we work together to enable Pacific New Zealanders to contribute to the dynamic and prosperous nation we all aspire to.”


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National Government


2008: Pacific Affairs Policy


National will ensure that Pacific New Zealanders continue to receive world-class education and health services. We will also strengthen the relationship the government has with Pacific Island nations and Pacific communities.



  • Building opportunity for all.
  • Valuing families.
  • Strengthening our communities.


National’s Plan

1. Improving Pacific New Zealanders’ Education, Health, and Employment

• Ongoing personal tax cuts.

• Keep all Working For Families and Paid Parental Leave entitlements.

• Increase flexibility and choice in 20 hours early childhood education.

– Remove the six-hours-a-day limit.

– Include five-year-olds.

– Include Pacific language nests, playcentres, and kohanga reo in the scheme.

• Set National Standards in literacy and numeracy for all primary school pupils, require schools to test pupils against these standards, require teachers to tell parents the results, and assist children who are consistently failing to meet the standards.

• Maintain universal subsidies for GP visits. Establish Integrated Family Health Clinics, one- stop-shops combining services like minor surgery, pharmacists, and doctors.

• Work with Pacific Island churches and NGOs to promote the growth, ingenuity, and vitality of voluntary groups in the Pacific community.


2. Promoting Pacific Culture

• Retain the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs.

• Provide continuing support to Pacific Language nests.

• Encourage Pacific New Zealanders to have pride in their heritage and achievements, and confidence in their future.


3. New Zealand and the Pacific

• Focus our development assistance on our immediate neighbours in the Pacific.

• Retain the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme for Pacific Nations.



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  1. Lauano said

    Malo and Congratulations Sai and everyone for this wonderful initiative.

    Sorry I missed you all last night but Sela and Angie said it was a wonderful and happy evening.

    Hope to catch up next time

    Malo lava

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